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At Fantasi Vape Shop, the Elf Bar Vapes come at Elf Bar 600, Elf Bar 800 (without nicotine), Elf Bar 800 (with nicotine), Elf Bar LuxElf Bar 1500, or Elf Bar 2500 puffs. The 600 puffs are the equivalent of about 45 cigarettes.

Flavour is a top consideration when selecting the Elf Bar Vapes. The caramel peach ice vape gives an exotic feel, while fruit lovers may go for the cooling watermelon puff or the tantalizing banana ice. There are great options with the grape Elf Bar vape, mango, or rare-to-find cotton candy ice. The list seems endless, and you’re free to pick your favourite. Do not forget to check the pink lemonade and get those taste buds excited.

Fantasi Vape Shop understands the need for an uninterrupted vape. An 850mAh battery for the Elf Bar keeps you vaping as long as you enjoy it. The battery combines with an independent leak-proof tank for a mouthful puff.

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You are spoilt for choice when you purchase the Elf Bar Vapes at your favourite Switzerland vape shop. With rich blended flavours, you are unlikely to miss a sigh of happiness on the most daunting day. That's because Fantasi’s selection of Elf Bar Vapes takes into account every vaper's journey. Relaxation is a top consideration for our Elf Bar Vapes.

Are you looking to extend the bundle of satisfaction with no low moments up to the last vape? The Elf Bar Vapes is the ideal selection. The first 10 puffs are powerful and savory hits. Afterward, a constant voltage output guarantees a stable flavour and taste with a refreshing finish.

Healthier and better is what you get when you purchase the Elf Bar Vapes from the best Swiss vape shop. Fantasi Vape Shop sources all its products from industry-leading and certified manufacturers. With Elf Bar Vapes, you are assured of quality and safety.

Shop hassle-free at Fantasi Vape Shop. You can sample the prefilled pod kits or the disposable pod devices for the Elf Bar Vape range. That guarantees time and cost savings. Buy now for deliveries near you.

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