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Swiss's Best Rated Vape Shop 

Switzerland has a variety of Vape shops that include some of the best products the industry has to offer. Most of these businesses provide their services through an online store as well. A variety of hardware and accessories, such as e-cigarettes, e-liquids, tanks, carriages, juices, etc., are available at reasonable costs.

  • Why Choose Fantasi e-liquid?

    Fantasi Vape Shop is an online e-liquid and vape accessories shop with high-quality tools and best-taste juices at affordable prices. The professional mixologists have successfully created perfect Fantasi flavor profiles with a range of fresh, fruity, and full of flavor vapes. Following are the notable facts that make it the ideal liquid:

    Safety: The manufacturing takes place in a ISO7 clean room to ensure the best quality and meet safety standards. 

    Flavors: There are several varieties of vape juice flavours to choose from.

    Sugar-free: These liquids are sugar-free; the sweetness comes from an artificial sweetener, sucralose.

    Vegan friendly: No animals are harmed during the production of products.

    Supportive customer service: Customer support is always available at your service.

  • Fantasi's Unique e-liquid 

    Grape X, Raspberry, Peach, Orange, and Watermelon.

    With a wide quantity of flavors and new products launched each month Fantasi’s Unique e-liquid offers a bunch of choices for vapers. The colorful bottles will surely look great on your e-liquid collection.

    You can choose the preferred flavors, strengths, and quantity of the liquid on each purchase. There are up to a hundred of total, e-liquids available.

    Consumers can get free delivery if their order exceeds Fr 30. The pricing starts from as low as Fr 3.92. The E Liquids are also available in bundled packages to bag at a discount. 

    Drink flavour Fantasi e-liquids

    This e-liquid will light up your fantastic childhood memories with lemonade and blue raspberry ice-pos flavors? Or you love drinking Coke as it is water for you? We have a range of unique products for you: vape juices that combine two different taste to create magic feeling fo your well known drinks. What can feel better than vaping refreshing mojito e-liquid, during summertime, party or chill? You can choose and order this liquid only within a few clicks at your doorstep.

  • Sweet & candy flavour Fantasi e-liquids

    This incredible, delectable sweet juices combines all of the most-liked flavors for our sweet tooth orders into one deeply delightful vaping experience. It tastes like your favourite grandma’s lemon pie, candies, chocolate cake, or luscious and fresh, apples.

    Fruity Fantasi e-liquids

    For the fruit lovers we have the variety of choices, from sour citron, orange and grapefruit to sweeter and delicious berries. The vitamin boom of fruit mix is ready for your vape in high quality, certified e-liquids by Fantasi.

  • Size doesn’t matter! Choose from 10ml to 120ml e-liquid cans

    Are you a seasoned vaper, with “I’ve seen it all” mindset? Then, you already know what you want, especially with such a high quality brand, like Fantasi. Go to our 120ml e-liquid category and order now to experience fast delivery near you in anywhere in Switzerland. Not sure what you want, or you’re just a newbie, searching for flavours you like? Pick from various 10ml propositions to understand which vape juice is your type with no risk. Pick 5 different flavours, and you will definitely get what you need.

  • Vape Hardware and Accessories

    Vape hardware refers to the physical parts of a vaporizer that are used to vaporize e-juice. These include batteries, atomizers, e-cigarettes, pens, mods, and tanks. Vape accessories are also in line to enhance the vaping experience. They consist of drip tips, glass, cotton, coils, cases, and mouthpieces.

    The type of vape hardware or accessory you need depends on what you want from your vape experience. If you're looking for a simple yet powerful vape device, then a box mod will suit your needs best as it provides more power than other devices on the market today, such as pod vapes or single battery devices. With the increasing developments in the industry, we can expect better products in the future.

  • Vape Shop e-liquid Delivery Near Me in Switzerland

    Our Fantasi online Vape Shop in Switzerland now offer the best vapes at an affordable price. Users can place orders online in just a few clicks and enjoy delivery with minimal waiting times. The Fantasi Vape Shop has a superb delivery service for all customers, no matter what size your order is. The company ensures that distribution is carried out on time.

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