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Fantasi was never mean when it crafted the Ferocious Flavours e-liquid. At the best Swiss vape shop, you get flavours ranging from conventional types to special creations to cure the purest thirst for vaping. Be it the fruity Banana, Green Apple, or Mango Guava Ice; you will always get it right. Competing options also exist for the Caramel Coal Frappe or the Black Jack Ferocious e-liquid. You could also choose the top-selling Blackcurrant Lemonade to stand out among vapers. Sample all the flavours at the best online Swiss vape shop.

Fantasi considers nicotine a factor that vapers look for in their e-liquid. The Ferocious Flavours e-liquid is served in a Shortfill bottle that allows you to add a preferred freebase nicotine or nic salts. The Shortfills come at 60ml to 120ml.

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Ferocious Flavours e-liquid ranks top when looking for the right vape for any event. The top selling Birthday Cake 70/30 Ferocious e-liquid makes the best choice. There is no harm in carrying the Berrylicious Ice 70/30 at a random summer party. Vapers also try the Arctic Roll 70/30 for meet-and-greet events at the base of the icy Swiss mountains.

If you are still new, the vape category perfectly makes a choice. With the range of Ferocious Flavours available, you will hardly lack a preferred vape juice. A 10ml e-liquid tester is available at Fantasi Vape Shop.

Quality is the other guarantee you get when you shop the Ferocious Flavours e-liquid. Fantasi Vape Shop assembles expert mixologists responsible for the great products we offer. When you shop at our Switzerland shop, you get a quality guarantee since all the e-liquids are certified and best in class.