Collection: Vape Coils and Atomizer Heads in Switzerland

Replacement vape coils come at different levels of strength. High resistance or Plus Ohm Coil e-cig coils have a resistance of greater than 1.0 ohm. The vape coils are common in most standard vaping devices, including those that require less liquid. The e-cig coils generate smaller vape clouds. Less seasoned vapers or those starting out may find the vape coil category more appropriate.

You want to feel like a lone ranger controlling an enemy’s territory. The sub-ohm coils would be a better option. The coils are of lower resistance and use the e-liquid quicker. They produce higher levels of vape clouds for that beastly feel. The sub-ohm replacement coils are the best options for seasoned vapers.

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When it comes to getting the best replacement vape coil, Fantasi Vape Shop never runs out of options. A reason to shop at the best Swiss vape shop is that the vape replacement coils will cost a few dollars and still get the job done. Expert vapers are covered too. For low-powered devices, including AIO ones and Vape Pens, Fantasi recommends Plus Ohm Coil. The coils carry a resistance of more than 1ohm. You get quality for medium to very high intensive vaping journeys.

Customers come to Fantasi Vape Shop since every need is catered for. If the top class is what you seek, the Vaporesso GTX Coils won’t be a miss. The Innokin Go Max Tank and Innokin Go Z Tank & Coil are ready-made replacement vape coils plus a tank to get you on the go. The Aspire Nautilus vape coils are also stocked in a range at your best Swiss vape shop.

You should never forget that the type of vape replacement coil you select is a personal choice. Order now at Fantasi Vape Shop and kickstart a vaping journey.