Collection: Fruit E-Liquid

At Fantasi Vape Shop, we understand that each customer's taste and needs are different. That's why we have different e-liquid flavours for the fruit vape juice. The Kiwi e-liquid will leave you wanting more of that dessert-inspiring vape. Alternatives in Watermelon and Strawberry are also available. Fantasi also has a selection for that sweet tooth in its Chewit Fruits vape.  

Exotic vape options would be good for lovers of tropical fruits. At the best Swiss vape shop, you will find assortments of exotic vapes, including the top-selling Exotic Lychee and Dragon Fruit e-liquid.  Perfectly crafted icy vapes would be good for that summer weather. And more…Fantasi’s Fruit flavours have ice and Menthol variants for vaping options.

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Fantasi Vape Shop offers quality and stylishness. Our e-liquids certification guarantees that you get value for money. Reliability is unmatched as our delivery option guarantees that you won't miss a vaping time for that last-minute order. Look no further if hassle-free vaping is what you seek for an e-liquid supplier. 

If you are a lover of fruit vape, Fantasi Vape Shop is the best. With the unique flavours, you will get served according to your need. The selection is wide, but the quality is the same. That makes Fantasi a unique, one-stop shop for all fruit vapes. You will be good with icy vapes for that beach, party or home chill and relaxation. All these vape options come at reasonable rates.

Looking to try out the fruit vapes? Fantasi’s 10ml would be good for testing before you go all in. Customers new to vaping have considered fruit options due to their simplicity. The 120ml size would easily last 50 days and would give a wholesome experience. The small-size vape can help you experience different fruit vapes before you select the one that suits best. The big 120ml can is for the vaper who know, what he or she wants.