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Remix Blackcurrant X Grape Apple 70/30 E-Liquid | Fantasi

Remix Blackcurrant X Grape Apple 70/30 E-Liquid | Fantasi

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For the Blackcurrant, Grape, and Apple vape juice, three is not just a number. With this Fantasi Remix e-liquid, you get to enjoy a blend of the tangy blackcurrant flavour and caramelized taste of apple fruit. The tantalizing sweet-sour taste of grape will give your vape juice a completely unique mix-up.  

At your top Swiss vape shop, we provide vapers with the Blackcurrant X Grape Apple e-liquid at ratios of 70% Vegetable Glycerine and 30% Propylene Glycol. With this proportion, a high-powered Sub Ohm device would be the right prescription. The proper vape will leave a wow-feeling for vapers seeking thick clouds of vapour cloud.

At Fantasi’s Vape Shop, customers get the Blackcurrant X Grape Apple e-liquid either in the cooling ice colouring or soda flavouring. Hit the order button for deliveries of your favoured flavour.

Capacity (ml) 10ml, 100 ml
PG/VG ratio or vegetol 70VG/30PG
Types of flavor Berry, Drinks, Fruit, Grape
Aromatic notes Blackcurrant, grape, apple
Nicotine content in mg/ml 0mg,
Nic Salt 3mg,
Nic Salt 6mg,
Nic Standart 3mg,
Nic Standart 6mg,
Type of inhalation Multifunctional

You won't easily stumble on a vape juice that combines three flavours together. That's why shopping at Fantasi Vape Shop guarantees unique vaping experience. You will likely stand out with a Blackcurrant X Grape Apple for its elegance and exceptionality. 

Are you the adventurous vaper type yet to try out the Blackcurrant X Grape Apple? Shopping with Fantasi Vape Shop guarantees that it won't be a miss for your first trial of a new e-liquid. Selecting the Blackcurrant X Grape Apple with the icing flavour will offer a brimming vape feel that will leave you wanting more. You could select the flavour if you love to have the carbonated drink feel back. 

Fantasi Vape Shop goes the extra mile to ensure that the trust you have in us does not go in vain. Our e-cigs are made in-house from certified, highest possible quality ingredients. That gives an extra layer of conviction that you get quality and certified vape juice.

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