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When it comes to flavour, Fantasi’s Grape e-liquid ranks at the top of the citrus vape flavours. Grapes range in different sizes, colors, and nicotine strengths. Their unique characteristics make them useful in a range of products, including wine. You won't notice a difference between the coolness of Fantasi Grape e-liquid and the Fantasi Grape Ice e-liquid, except for its minty freshness. For that summer vacation, you may find the latter more refreshing. 

Other Grape flavours of juice are available at the Fantasi Vape Shop. We are the best Swiss vape shop for a reason. With the Grape X Strawberry or the more exotic Forest Fruit Fusion, you will enjoy sweetness at the core. Both options are mouth-watering for that stylish look on a hot date. Pick the one that fits you the most and buy it now in our best Swiss vape shop.

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Our quality and fast delivery will convince you enough to order the Fantasi Vape Shop. Words can deceive, but the taste cannot. With the Grape e-liquid vape, you have the best taste for exotic liquids. A reason to try the Grape flavours is that it combines freshness of citron, and fruitfully fresh class.

Besides, we don't want you to run out of vape on that vacation in the middle of nowhere island. At Fantasi Vape Shop, you can consider the bundled e-liquid options. And more…. They come at a discount. Isn’t that too good if you are looking to save some pennies for a rainy day? At our vape shop, you can find bundled Best Fruit e-liquid and Candy e-liquid for that grape flavour. 

Fantasi Vape Shop also has options for the CBD range, including the 1000/2000mg CBD Grape Cool and 100mg CBD Grape cool. These are mind-blowing for that spring season. Get a 10ml CBD e-liquid if your budget is already squeezed. And don’t forget to give us those five stars or leave us good feedback.