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Nic shots are e-liquid nicotine with no added flavour. You can enjoy the 10ml Nicotine Salt Shot 70/30 or the 50-50 option. Also available is the 50-50 Nicotine Shot and the 70/30 option. All you need to do is to get a suitable combo of the nic shots & salt nic shots to strike a perfect balance of a smooth vape. A 50-50 e-liquid blends well with a 50-50 nic shot. Also, you can combine the 70-30 e-liquid for a 70-30 nic shot for a sensational taste.

Nic shots & nic salts come in 18mg nicotine strength. The nicotine level has been perfectly designed for all categories of vapers. Closer home, you can have either nicotine freebase or nicotine salts.

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Learn about the ideal nicotine strength with a handy E Liquid guide. The standard nicotine and nicotine salts category is one of the most popular choices among experienced vapers. The vape juice is perfect for use with vaping devices running at higher wattage. Fantasi Vape Shop shake & vape nicotine salts start you off with an instant nicotine hit. This makes it a perfect choice for new vapers transitioning from smoking. On the other hand, the nicotine in the standard nic salts is smoothly spread out, letting you vape longer for enhanced satisfaction.

When it comes to standards, Fantasi Vape Shop sets the standards. The selection of our e-liquids have passed through the ISO 7 Cleanroom standards. The e-liquids are in the top grade of EP/USP pharmaceutical additives. While quality remains our mantra, it comes at the most affordable prices. We thrive where quality meets affordability. Vaping can only be fun when you get the right brand that cares with the guidance of seasoned experts at Fantasi Vape Shop. Get yours today and join the list of our happy vapers.