Collection: 120ml E-Liquid

We have all your flavour needs with the 120ml Shortfill e-liquid. Whether it's your favourite Blue Raspberry X Lemonade or Tropical X Thunder, Fantasi Vape Shop has various options for your vape. Favourite Green Apple e-liquid and Passion Fruit Mango selections are there.

Or if you are light-headed, no pun intended, though, you can grab the cooling Fantasi Grape ice. Same standards are used only that Fantasi Vape Shop makes the selections to suit your preferences. The products are all certified. All your favourite vape brands. With the 120ml bottle, you can last a while without needing to go for extra cans. A rare user can go up to 4 months, but a heavy user may go an average of 40 days-2 months. That’s enough to last a fortune.

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As with most products, you need value for the money for your purchase, and 120ml offers just that. Fantasi Vape Shop has a perfect selection of a variety of flavours. If you prefer a high nicotine vape, you can select a 3mg or 6mg can. If you do not need a nicotine product, the 0mg nicotine-free 120 ml liquid offers exactly that. You can enjoy your favourite flavors while relaxing at home, at your popular drink joint, or even at a beach party. The choice is all yours.

Besides, Fantasi Vape Shop e-liquids would be refreshing after that tiresome day. Of course, our regular customers do not necessarily need to come after a tiresome day at work. It's only that we feel our vape products are good for your relaxation. Finally, our customers have given Fantasi Vape Shop a five-star rating. It does not cost a penny to check in those boxes for us. It will help us spread the good message of our certified vape products. In return, we will reward you with the best deals for your vape selection.