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Apple 70/30 E-Liquid | Fantasi

Apple 70/30 E-Liquid | Fantasi

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Fantasi Apple 70/30 e-liquid carries an authentic flavour of Apple fruit for a refreshing vape juice. There are options, too, if you need that wow feeling on a dizzy day. The 3mg and 6mg nicotine vape options for the Apple vape juice would feel like a match made in heaven. There is no harm in going nicotine-free as Fantasi has the 0mg strength too.

Shortfills for the Apple 70/30 e-liquid come in ranges. At Fantasi, you will find the 120ml most useful for that long vacation far away from your favourite vape shop. That should be enough to last an average use of 3-4 months. While big-size shortfill сould also last a fortune, at Fantasi, we make the deal further too good to be true with the 10ml Shortfill for a trial. The Apple 70/30 e-liquid comes at 70/30 VG/PG mix and works best with Sub Ohm Kits.

Capacity (ml) 10ml, 100 ml
PG/VG ratio or vegetol 70VG/30PG
Types of flavor Drinks, Fruit
Aromatic notes Apple, soda
Nicotine content in mg/ml 0mg,
Nic Salt 3mg,
Nic Salt 6mg,
Nic Standart 3mg,
Nic Standart 6mg,
Type of inhalation Multifunctional

Are you looking for that fizzy can of e-cig? Apple 70/30 e-liquid is a sparkling vape juice that will leave you with sweetness to the core. An added layer of soda flavour would make the vape juice a fantastic e-cig after a bumpy train ride. 

Fantasi’s Apple 70/30 e-liquid is the best for relaxation too. Isn’t an Apple fruit fantastic in its own way? Now imagine that greatness infused into your best e-cig. The result is a smooth and fresh feel for an e-liquid.

There are more than just flavours when selecting vape juice. Fantasi chooses only certified and top-of-class products. To make a cut to our vape store, all the vape juices are TPD-compliant. With a vape can of Apple 70/30 e-liquid, quality is a guarantee. Our Fantasi’s in-house team checks all the right boxes to bring you a quality e-cig you would love.


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