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Fantasi Vape Shop has a wide assortment of all flavours for the Candy e-liquid selection. The Blue Raspberry is a top-selling flavour. It comes in ranges of Blue Raspberry 70/30, and Blue Raspberry 50/50. The Raspberry Ice 50/50 is another option for those seeking a soft and elegant vaping feel. 

Do you love cool colours for a vape? The Black Jack Ferocious e-liquid or the Berry Lemon Sour would be a good selection from a Candy vape category. Or, you could consider Fantasi’s Bluebomb or Blue Razz Cherry. The Fruity Salad or Chewit Fruits won't disappoint. Fantasi has gone the extra mile to introduce a new-look Juicy Nerd categories for a traditional Candy feel. The 10ml tester would be good for a trial for the flavour picking, and 120 will be waiting for you to pick favourite juice for daily smoking.

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Try the Candy e-liquid at the Fantasi Vape Shop for all types of flavours. You would be covered sufficiently for that birthday party, a day out with friends, or a gift to a candy lover. Of course, it's a good choice if you are all alone and relaxing at home. At Fantasi Vape Shop, you can select the Candy flavour suited to any type of occasion.

Need relaxation for that mid-year vacation? The Candy flavoured are hot options for those sweet treats. You do not want that good moment to be ruined by an untested vape. The Candy selection has a five-star rating for quality and elegance. We won't mind a positive review once you try the Candy flavour for a vape day.

At the best Swiss shop, Candy flavours will give quality attested products. All our products are quality certified. Fantasi has made this possible with an assortment of vapes made using the same standards. You can select the best Candy e-liquid that suits the budget and will be guaranteed value for money!