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Berry e-liquid comes in different flavours at the best Swiss vape shop. The Blackcurrant X Lemon would be good for that refreshing feel. But you can consider the Berrylicious Ferocious e-liquid. How about the Fruity Menthol that will leave you craving for more. Fantasi customers also try the CBD options for the Berry e-liquid. All flavours are presented and ready for your order at the Fantasi Vape Shop.

Fantasi customers who have used the 10ml tester have gone to purchase the 120 ml e-liquid can. Don't miss out if you are looking for a month-long shot, as the 120 ml vape is also available. You will easily last more than a month with the 120ml vape if you are an experienced user.

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The Berry e-liquid Flavors are the best if you are looking for a vape that combines elegance with calmness. Using the vape guarantees a cooling blast if you pick berry + ice juice taste. Whether it is the best in class Fantasi Grape Ice, Blue Raspberry, or the Raspberry ice. The selection is yours at the best Swiss vape shop.

Need a calming relaxation? Fantasi’s CBD berry range offers exactly that. The 1000/2000mg CBD berry range, such as the top-selling Heizenberry blast, won't disappoint. There is never a dull moment with the CBD range. Fantasi has made it even cooler with bundle deals for some CBD flavours. Purchase while stocks last, and have an opportunity for a legal cannabis-powered vape.

Need berries, but love exotic flavours? The Blueberry Yogurt gives the feeling of an exotic vape combined with milky elegance. The Cherry Jack Ferocious e-liquid won't miss the list of exotic-feel vapes. Customers select Fantasi Vape Shop because there is every selection for any customer. Shop with Fantasi Vape Shop and get a guaranteed tasty value near you.