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At Fantasi Vape Shop, we have an array of best-selected menthol e-liquid & vape juice made with the most innovative ingredients. Top on our list is spearmint flavour. This is the most rewarding option for mint lovers. Next, the ferocious e-liquid is one of the most refreshing options in the menthol e-liquid family. From fruity menthol to heizenberry 50/50 or even the modest heizenberry blast, you will never get it wrong with menthol e-liquids.  

Another popular e-liquids in this category is Pineapple Raspberry Breeze. While pineapple remains the tastiest tropical fruit, the Pineapple Raspberry Breeze got it right in bringing out its taste. Or why not grab yourself the Raspberry Mojito, Red Air, or Menthol Tobacco? Choose and order right now.