Collection: 70/30 E-Liquid Switzerland

Fantasi’s 70/30 e-liquid is 70% vegetable glycerin or VG and 30% propylene glycol or PG. You know what that means? You need higher-powered devices to produce thick vape clouds. That’s because VG is thicker. At Fantasi Vape Shop, you will get the Sub-Ohm device, perfect for vaping the e-liquid.

Fantasi Vape Shop understands each vaper's journey is different. Nicotine-free vapers are covered in 10ml, 50ml, and 100ml 70/30 e-liquid. They are available in 100ml and 120ml bottles, adequate for up to 4 months for a shot a day.

Vapers are also spoilt for choice regarding flavours for the 70/30 e-liquid from the best Swiss vape shop. Fantasi offers over 100 delicious flavours for the e-liquid, ranging from the Ferocious fruity flavours to Juicy Nerds.

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Fantasi 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid is the perfect choice if you are unsure of what vape juice to go for. A 10ml nicotine Shortfill is good for tasting before you go all in. With multiple flavours and different nicotine strengths sold at the Switzerland online shop, you can try out the options before you find a perfect match.

Due to the immense vape clouds, seasoned vapers prefer the 70/30 e-liquid over the 50/50 options. The vapers find the e-liquid an ideal selection because of its smoother inhale and thick vape clouds on exhale. At the best Swiss vape shop, you can get the e-liquid range to calm the most intense vaping urges.

What more? There is no limit on how high you can feel with the 70/30 e-liquid. The Shortfills are the ideal choice for “Cloud chasers” on a feel-good day on a rare summer vacation.

Fantasi’s 70/30 e-liquid is perfect when looking for vape juice for that relaxation escapade. When mixed with our Nic Shots, you get a well-balanced vape juice with a delicious flavour. Order now from the best Swiss vape shop.