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Watermelon Ice 70/30 E-Liquid | Fantasi

Watermelon Ice 70/30 E-Liquid | Fantasi

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Fantasi Watermelon Ice e-liquid is a suitable pick if you are looking for a fruity alternative to your regular vape or if you want to try something new. The vape juice carefully blends vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol to bring out a satisfying taste of goodness.

Other ingredients you get to enjoy in Fantasi Watermelon Ice e-liquid are the watermelon, ice, and soda flavouring. You need a sub-ohm vape kit to bring out the perfect taste of sweetness in this fantastic vape juice. 

When selecting a vape juice, many factors come into play—the aspects of the vape, your personality, or even the weather. Talking of choices, Fantasi Vape Shop has tons of choices for you. For the Fantasi Watermelon Ice e-liquid, you will get to select from multiple Shortfills. The product sizes range from 10ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml. While you can sample through the smaller bottles, you can have the larger bottles for your regular vaping.

Capacity (ml) 10ml, 100 ml
PG/VG ratio or vegetol 70VG/30PG
Types of flavor Fruit
Aromatic notes Watermelon, soda, ice
Nicotine content in mg/ml 0mg,
Nic Salt 3mg,
Nic Salt 6mg,
Nic Standart 3mg,
Nic Standart 6mg,
Type of inhalation Multifunctional

If nicotine is what brought you to vaping, then look no further. At Fantasi Vape Shop, you can choose nicotine strengths depending on what you want. You can choose between 3mg or 6mg of nic levels depending on the vaping experience you want. We also stock the zero-nicotine vape juice in our stocks. To learn about the type of vape juice you need or the device, you can use our e-liquid guides, Shortfill guide, or vape coil guide.

Fantasi Watermelon Ice complies with the highest product safety standards. The e-liquid has passed through rigorous vetting processes to give you a vape juice like no other. What is more?

Fantasi Watermelon Ice comes at the most affordable price. At our vape shop, we guarantee value for every drop of e-liquid. With Fantasi Watermelon, you will never have to add more e-liquids every time. Talk to our experts today and let us sort your vaping needs.


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