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At the best Fantasi Swiss vape shop, you are spoilt for choice for the vape tanks. Ditch that old and unsatisfying e-liquid tank for a chance to allow Fantasi Vape Shop to reignite your vaping journey. If you are the type that chuckles at the least inconvenience, SMOK TFV9 should be your selection. A push-up cap allows almost seamless vape refilling.

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Fantasi Vape Shop makes vaping customized for its customers. The universal 510 connector that comes with the vape tanks enables vapers to match their preferred tank with their favourite mode. Vapers select the sleek Innnokin Endura T18E Replacement Tank and Coils. 

Fantasi Vape Shop cares about the quality of vape tanks we supply. Every stocked e-liquid meets EU safety standards. Nonetheless, we do not simply select products because of a certification. The best Swiss vape shop has in-house reviews of the best vape tanks. This is a double score for vapers seeking the best-in-class vape tanks. Take a look at our e-liquid guide to determine which vape tank suits you best and take vaping to the next level.

When it comes to selecting the best e-liquid tank, Fantasi Vape Shop brings the industry-leading Innokin vape tank and its sister SMOK vape tank. The Innokin Endura T18E Tank will fit the bill when it comes to quality and versatility. You won’t want to miss the e-cig tank if elegance is what you seek. Or you could go for the atomizer Innokin Zenith Tank. The vape tank would be ideal for lower wattages. It is easy to refill and has a twist lock to prevent overwicking.

For the SMOK vape tank, you won’t want to miss out on the top-selling SMOK TFV9 sub ohm. The stainless steel and Pyrex-made vape tank is durable and comes with adjustable airflow.