Collection: Lemon & Lime E-liquid

When it comes to flavours, Fantasi Vape Shop doesn’t mess around. We understand that our customers love our product for the simple flavours they get. Fantasi’s Raspberry X Lemonade and the Blackcurrant X Lemon are great offers for that refreshing feel. Or you could try sweet e-liquids such as the Lemon Sherbet Vape Juice. The tangy Juicy Nerds Apple Sour Lemon is also fully stocked. How about saving costs by purchasing the Mystery Bundle?

At the best Swiss vape shop, we understand that some customers want to try out different blends. The Lemon & Lime Slush will give that kingly feel. The Apple Sour Lemon e-liquid is also a great option.

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Don't you love lemon fruit already to fall in love with the Lemon & Lime e-liquid & Vape Juice? If you do, then Lemon Vape Juices will give that feeling of actual citrus fruits. A major reason to try the vape juice is that some flavours embody that sour taste of Lemon. 

If you are not a lover of Lemon, Fantasi Vape Shop has you covered too. We varied our Lemon Vape Juices to bring out great options. Our customers select the Lemon vape juice blends as an alternative. The best Swiss vape shop offers Raspberry and Berry Lemon Sour for your selection.

The Lemon & Lime e-liquid & Vape Juice is a good Shortfill for any type of occasion. It gives that feel of citrus fruits, and you won't mess around if you appear at a birthday party with that Pink Lemonade. You just pick your preferred vape juice at Fantasi and make a majestic appearance for the occasion. The fruit flavour will keep everyone mouth-watering, and you could consider carrying a can along for a friend.