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ELF Bar 600 Disposable Device is pre-filled with succulent flavours of e-liquids. Elf Bar can be bought in Switzerland in its various flavours. You will never run out of sweetness from this fruity, minty, or simply pure nicotine sensation. You can choose from Banana Ice, Blueberry Raspberry, Blue Razz Lemonade, or Blue Apple beach.

The expendable vape device also comes with different proportions of nicotine combination. The available options are 20 mg, 10mg, or nic-free. One thing that stands out with the ELF Bar 600 disposable device is the instant nicotine hit in every puff. If you are transitioning from smoking to vaping, ELF Bar 600 gives you a befitting welcome.

The available models are ELF Bar 600, ELF Bar CR500, and ELF Bar Mate. The standard nic strength for ELF Bar 600 and ELF CR500 is 2%, while the ELF Bar Mate has 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquids.

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With eye-catching colors to select from, ELF Bar 600 disposable device is compact and built for durability. It is a perfect package for cloud chasers that give you those big plumes of sizzling goodness. Fantasi Vape Shop has the most stylish and classic ELF Bar 600 to quench the biggest passions in vaping.

A continuous vape is what you get with ELF Bar 600 from the best Swiss vape shop. It is fitted with a 550mAh internal battery to power every aspect of your preferred flavour. ELF 2ml e-liquid pre-fill lasts you longer than a normal cigar. The kit can give you between 500-600 strong puffs, equivalent to 45-50 cigarettes. Of course, that depends on the draws from each puff.

For the size and ease of carrying around, 600 disposable devices are packaged for convenience. It measures 104 mm in height and 16 mm in diameter, making it pocket friendly and easy to fit in the small spaces of your handbag.

ELF Bar 600 disposable device is the most versatile in the replaceable vape kit category. Grab yourself an ELF Bar 600 of your choice from Fantasi Vape Shop.