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Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml

Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml

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Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml comes at a 70% mix of Vegetable Glycerine and 30% Propylene Glycol. VG is thicker compared to PG, and Fantasi recommends using the high-powered Sub Ohm device. The device ensures you get thick vape clouds for a beasty feel from your favourite e-cig.

Fantasi’s standard or freebase nicotine shots come with an even release of nicotine. As a result, we recommend it mostly for seasoned vapers. Those who have never touched tobacco are also advised for the Shortfill. The 10ml Shortfill will last a week or more, which should be good to get you re-energized.

Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml may also not be appropriate for those who like flavoursome e-liquids. You can select the alternative vape juices from Fantasi Vape Shop if you feel the Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml is not the appropriate vape juice for you. 

Why consider Fantasi’s Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml? Nicotine is why some people vape in the first instance. With the Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml shot, you do not have to think twice as it delivers everything you need for a vaping experience. With its nicotine strengths, you will feel superhuman for some moment.

Another reason to try the Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml is that it won't cost you a fortune. With the 10ml Shortfill, you will spend a few pennies yet get an extraordinary vape juice to light up a day. Fantasi Vape Shop delivers, too, and that guarantees convenience.

If you are a seasoned vaper or trying out an alternative to cigarettes, the Nicotine Shot 70/30 18mg 10ml is crafted with you in mind. You get a shot that keeps you alert yet maintains the class that vapers belong to – greatness. Get yourself a nicotine shot from the best Swiss vape shop. 

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