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Elf Bar comes with a disposable device and compact design. It has a 2ml prefilled disposable pod kit on an 850mAh battery. The pod supports 1500 puffs, adequate to keep you vaping longer. The battery capacity also supports prolonged vaping for a smoother feel.

Sold in Switzerland, you get the Elf Bar 1500 with a nicotine content of 2%Nic Salt. Combined with the stylish and slim design of the pod kit, you enjoy an endless sweetness of thick puff that will get you high due to a smooth and rich vape.

Elf Bar 1500 is not your usual vape as it comes in many flavours. Mixed at 50/50 PG/VG, the flavours are perfectly matched with the best pod kit for a perfect vaping experience.

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Why Elf Bar 1500 at Fantasi Vape Shop? If you seek assortment, the Elf Bar 1500 range is the right choice. In terms of variety, Fantasi has assembled the Apple Peach and Banana Ice for a delicious inhale. The blueberry, coconut melon, mango, peach mango guava, and strawberry banana will leave you spoilt for choice. You could also go exotic with the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava or maintain the coke feel with the fizzing flavour of Cola.

On uniqueness, Elf Bar 1500 will make you stand out among other vapers during that evening beach party. Isn’t it that the fruity mix Neon Rain flavour is an unheard piece of puff? Or maybe you have heard of the menthol-tasting Spearmint flavour but have never touched it? Fantasi has all these options at our online shop.

Elf Bar 1500 is also the top choice if you are a daily vaper. With a lightweight pod kit and a strong battery, you have a hassle-free vape. A smooth and lasting taste is what you need to keep all your days energized. Order Elf Bar 1500 from the best Swiss vape shop for deliveries near you.