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Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable Pod Device is the latest innovation in vaping meant for an authentic sensation of goodness. The device has an in-built battery of 1000 mAh that powers the heating element. Combined with a perfect airflow, the disposable pod heat delivers smooth and consistent e-liquid flavours when vaped.

It features a pre-filled e-liquid capacity of 5.5 ml. The quantity gives you roughly 2500 puffs at the right voltage. You will get 2% of uninterrupted nicotine strength across the various flavours to choose from. In terms of size, the 2500 disposable pod device fits perfectly in your pocket or handbag. It measures 24.5 by 105.5 mm. As a vaper looking for a perfect way of enhancing your puffing experience, Elf Bar Crystal 2500 is the right one for you.

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Why choose Elf Bar disposable Crystal 2500? First, it is the simplicity of the vaping device. By now, you know that vaping is safer than smoking. If you are switching from the latter, Elf Bar disposable vape kit will give you a perfect way to sample what works for you. The device will let you try out as many tastes as possible before settling on any one specific.

Secondly, the disposable vape kit is super-convenient. Unlike the shortfills, where you need to replace the components and clean regularly, Elf Bar Crystal takes all that burden away. The vape kit does not require setting up either. You just buy, vape the device, and once the battery or e-liquids runs out, you throw it away.

Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable pod device is also very affordable. It is far more affordable than the shortfill or any regular cigar. Last but not least, the safety of the product. Elf Bar Crystal complies with all the industry safety standards. So next time you want something perfect to vape, buy Elf Bar Crystal 2500 Disposable Pod Device at our Switzerland vape shop.