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Ripple+ Bonbon Incense - raspberry+rose | 26 droplets / pack

Ripple+ Bonbon Incense - raspberry+rose | 26 droplets / pack

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Relax with the beguiling scent of Bonbon Incense in the combination of fruity raspberry and delicate rose. With 26 drops per pack, you can let yourself be seduced again and again and indulge your senses. Savour the sweet fragrance and experience a pleasant atmosphere.


  • Bonbon aroma: promotes self-esteem
  • +raspberry: improves emotional sensitivity
  • +rose: stabilises mood & brings calm

Tags: Ripple+, Incense droplets, Diffuser

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I Have Questions

How is this going to BOOST me up?

Scents reminiscent of a sweet bonbon, the BOOST droplet adds an extra spring in your step and fills you up with excitement. A delightful blend of sweet raspberry & elegant rose petals sends you up into the air, seeking all the thrills.

What is an incense droplet?

Incense but shaped like a droplet! Formulated & carefully made with the fruitiest, floral, freshest scents you could imagine.

What are ripple⁺ incense droplets made of?

ripple⁺ droplets are made from a unique blend of handpicked botanicals. We’ve carefully selected resins and premium essentials oil to really sprinkle that extra love & attention.

How do I use my ripple⁺ droplet?

Place your droplet on top of the sea glass holder, grab your light, light the tip of your droplet and gently blow out after a few secs. Now, settle down & let the flame burn.

How long do the ripple⁺ droplets last?

Each ripple⁺ droplet burns for at least 10 mins - with 26 per pack, you’ve got plenty of minutes to fully feel the drops take over.

Where can I use my ripple⁺ droplet?

You’re free to use your droplets in any space you call yours. It could be in the comfort of your bedroom, workspace or office. You can even spark this when you’re having a chill sesh with your peeps or when you’re putting your feet up in the bath! Transform your space in the best way.