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VooPoo is not a mean brand regarding the vape options offered. The current e-cig range includes the Vinci X, Vinci Air, Drag X, and the Drag Mod Pod. The Vinci series is made to be a perfect next-gen pod system. The Vinci Air branches into the Pod and Mod Pod version. You can buy VooPoo e-cigs, VooPoo Pods, and VooPoo Coils at our Switzerland shop for limitless vaping.

The latest VooPoo vape kits feature Argus and V series. Both vape kits feature the innovative PNP vape tank, suitable for vapers switching between the tank or pod. The Argus series is rugged but compact and is made of strong materials. The Argus also adheres to simple ergonomics in design. The V-series also has an ergonomic design and ranks as a starter kit.

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Why VooPoo e-cigs? It is one of the most established vape companies. It is recognized for the Drag Mod, which is the first to use a proprietary bespoke control board. By buying the VooPoo brand, you acquire versatility and original-design e-cig devices. How about the beautiful vaping devices that are the desire of most vapers?

Performance is another guarantee when you purchase the VooPoo e-cigs. In particular, the Drag series was made with performance in mind. VooPoo made the Gene controller chip alongside the Drag series for greater output and safety. The Gene chip series has six variations for a wide selection. In the Drag Series, you will find the best-selling Drag Nao, a great selection for its classic design. Visit Fantasi Vape Shop and get started!