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First things first, what is a vape pen? As the name suggests, it is a pen-shaped vaping kit. It has a battery, a heating element, and a vape tank. You can choose between an MTL or DTL device. At Fantasi, we stock popular brands like Smok, Innokin, Uwell, and Aspire.

Mouth to Lung vape pens works well with most PG e-liquids. They are suitable for sub-ohm coils. When searching for vape pens, check their compatibility with the e-liquid you want to vape. The beauty of the pens is that they are refillable. With that, you can enjoy the flavours of your choice.

The recommended nicotine strengths for Vape pens are between 3mg and 6mg. With a perfect proportion and the right wattage, it will give you the most authentic taste in nicotine salts and vape juices.

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The vape pens we stock at our Switzerland vape shop are a cut above the rest. They have a long-lasting battery and quality airflow and produce big clouds of tasty flavours. What is more? There is no setup required. The kits are operated with a single button. For maintenance, you only need to change the coil and refill the tank with e-liquid.

So, if you are looking for something more versatile than disposable vapes, a vape pen is a great option. They are more budget-friendly than combustible cigars.

At Fantasi Vape Shop, we believe that an equally effective customer service is important for every vaper. We have simplified our product catalog to let you navigate all the available vaping options. Order online from the best vape shop in Switzerland, and enjoy a fantastic vaping experience.