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The Alien range and Priv range are the best-selling SMOK vape kits you get at our shop in Lugano, Switzerland. The Alien Mod range offers a powerful performance. The flagship SMOK alien 220W is the most stylish and generates a powerful vaping experience. Vape kits within the Alien Mod but with a modern look also feature in SMOK RPM40, Morph 219, and Mag P3.

The tender Priv range is a go-to kit for vapers transitioning from smoking. New vapers can also go for the Nord Pod and NFIX Mate Pod Kit.

Regarding the SMOK vape tanks and coils, TFV4 is one of its kind, featuring SMOK’s quadruple and triple sub-ohm coils. You will also get the SMOK TFV12 Prince tank and the TFV8 Baby Beast, both drawing inspiration from TFV4. SMOK coils come in various resistances to match the tanks and kits.

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Fantasi Vape Shop allows you to get SMOK e-cigarettes that perfectly match your vaping. At the beginner level, SMOK disposable vapes are the best. The NOVO Bar for beginners offers sweet flavours for a smooth orientation. Beginners can also choose NORD 4. You can use the RPM coil or the RPM 2 coil for added power strength.

SMOK e-cigs make an excellent selection for seasoned vapers The SMOK IPX 80 comes with powerful and thick vape clouds. A 3000mAh battery and simple-to-apply side filling system allow you to enjoy a continuous vape. Vapers who need the simple pod without sacrificing performance can go for the RPM 40.

SMOK e-cigs are very stylish, with cutting-edge design. Order online at our online shop in Lugano for deliveries near you.