Collection: Fantasi Nic Shots

Fantasi Vape Shop has amazing flavours to choose from for the Nic Shot e-liquids. The delicious Cola Ice flavour will leave a wow feeling as you head down the memory line. The cool Mango ice flavour will revive fantasies of a lone ranger in the middle of a rich heritage. You won't die of sweetness if you try the Grace Ice or Orange Ice vape juice. After all, what are you looking for from a vape juice if it’s not greatness?

Fantasi Nic Salts also allows you to go a notch higher with the nicotine strengths. With the smallest 10ml shot, you can get a nicotine strength of 10mg or 20mg. Nic Salt Juice also offers a smoother vape feel relative to freebase nicotine.

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Try Fantasi Nic Salts for its nostalgic flavours. This selection is the best for seasoned vapers if you want an upgrade to the previous vapes. The 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength is a plus for an additional feeling of greatness. 

Besides, Fantasi Nic Salts are smoother compared to the leaves of the tobacco plant. You will enjoy a smooth vape on that moonlighted, dull evening, and you won't regret how great you feel. Whether you are a Mouth To Lung or Direct To Lung vaper,  the Nic Salt e-liquid will have you covered.

We can't forget to mention that Fantasi’s Nic Salt e-liquid is crafted in-house. Our mixologists work to create the perfect blend. Trying the vape range will guarantee the quality, which is why all our Nic Shots have a five-star rating. Do not worry about the vaping device too. The 50/50 mix for Nic Salts allows any device to be used. Fantasi Vape Shop still recommends using the Starter Kit or its stylish peer InnokinEndura T18E. The POD system can also do a fantastic job.