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Ripple+ SOOTHE honey+lemon aroma | Zero Nicotine Diffuser

Ripple+ SOOTHE honey+lemon aroma | Zero Nicotine Diffuser

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This SOOTHE zero nicotine diffuser offers 1,000 puffs with a soothing honey-lemon flavour to enjoy. Indulge in the natural sweetness of honey and the refreshing flavour of lemon without worrying about nicotine.

  • Zero nicotine
  • 1,000 puffs

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  • Honey+lemon aroma

    Boosts energy, detoxifies the body

  • +Ginger

    Relieves anxiety, calms the mind

  • +Chamomile

    Prevents stress

  • All ripple devices are 100% recyclable, minimising waste, for the most sustainable aromatherapy experience.

  • You can print out a free shipping label to send your used devices back to us. You’ll even receive 10% off your next order as a thank you for helping us protect the planet.

  • The ingredients we use in our formulations are fully traceable, and we give complete transparency on their origins.

I Have Questions

How does BOOST keep me going?

BOOST is your pocket-sized pick-me-up, designed to organically support your stamina and mental clarity. The combination of green tea + maca will help relieve inflammation and increase strength so you can feel on top form! Topped off with a punchy pomegranate aroma for a fruity kick, this is a natural way to give yourself a boost!

What's this about 1,000 puffs per ripple+?

You read right! Unlike our OG singles (400 puffs per device) and the ripple+POD (800 puffs per pack), ripple+MAX has been innovated to deliver maximum puffs in our sleekest design yet. Each device is good for 1,000 puffs, and these aren’t just any puffs either: they’re calculated to be three whole seconds of puffing. In other words, it’ll last longer than any other ripple+andrequire less topping up: winner.

Is ripple+vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes and yes! It’s really important to us that our diffusers don’t cause harm to, or have a negative impact on humans, animals and the environment, so we’ve made it our mission to be completely transparent with everything that goes into them. We use natural ingredients and can say with complete confidence that our products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Wie wird ripple+ hergestellt?

To ensure everything going into our devices is of the highest possible quality, our botanical blends are carefully formulated in state-of-the-art, fully accredited labs in the UK. Our combination of plant extracts and natural aromas aim to soothe your senses.

Is it easy to recycle my ripple+?

Absolutely! We’re fully committed to being as kind to our planet as possible, and keeping the environmental impact of everything we create to a minimum. Once you’re finished with your ripples, simply fill in our online form to print a free returns label and then pop your used devices in the post back to us. We’ll ensure that every component is correctly recycled—plus we’ll send you a 10% discount code for your next ripple+order, as a thank you for helping us to protect the environment. Win-win!

How do I track my ripple+ order?

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your tracking number as soon as your order has been dispatched. Just give the tracking a couple of hours to update once you’ve got it, and you’ll then be able to follow your ripple+goods making their way to you!