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Mango Smoothie 20mg - Vozol Star 6000 - Disposable

Mango Smoothie 20mg - Vozol Star 6000 - Disposable

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  • Manufacturer VOZOL
  • Length 78.4 mm
  • Width 41mm
  • Depth 23mm
  • Battery capacity 500 mAh


  • Mango Smoothie

The Mango Smoothie Vozol Star 6000 disposable ejection is the ultimate vape experience. Flavored with a pinch of mango and 20mg of nicotine, it offers a smooth, satisfying dose. Disposable blueprint makes it easy to carry and use, and no need to recharge. Enjoy a satisfying, flavorful vaping experience.

Tags: Vozol, Vozol Star 6000, Disposable

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