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Disposables from Elf Bar and its namesake Elf Bar 600, Elf Bar 1500, and Elf Bar 2500 come in unbeatable flavours in a slim body. The compact design makes it easy to handle. For the optics, the Strawberry Ice looks elegant and authentic vape. The blue coloured BlueBerry flavour is a top selection if you need something catchy and sweet.

Continuous puffs of 600, 1500, and up to 2500 are available for purchasing in Lugano. The Elf Bar disposable puffs are powered by a strong battery of 550mAh, 850mAh, and 1000mAh, respectively. You get pre-filled e-cigs of Elf Bar stocked in Lugano. Order now at Fantasi Vape Shop in Switzerland.

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Elf Bar disposable products provides vapers with the ultimate selection if you want a smooth and even vape. It stands out since Elf Bar itself is made in a way that the first 10 puffs are very powerful. After that, you enjoy a consistent taste and constant output that eliminates any low moments across the vaping journey. If you are the type that seeks numerous puffs at a go, Elf Bar will suit you best.

Limitless options are another advantage you get by purchasing Elf Bar Lugano. While there are distinct flavours to choose from, Fantasi Vape Shop always adds new options to cater to the needs of new vapers and allow you to try something new. The latest categories in the Elf Bar include the Blueberry Raspberry, the Cherry flavour, and the Cherry Cola. You are always sure something new is coming and can try new vaping adventures with Elf Bar Lugano.

Are you a nicotine lover? Elf Bar Lugano’s 2% Nic Salt will leave you puffing more. Combined with the stylish design, seasoned vapers like the Elf Bar because it does not sacrifice class and strength. Order now at Fantasi Vape Shop in Lugano.