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Fantasi Vape Shop has all the flavour range in 10ml and 120ml e-liquid can. There are multiple flavours to choose from. Start with traditional fruit flavours range from mango, apple, grape, strawberry, orange, and blackberry. Customers also approve Fantasi’s Lime Mojito Vape, and it could be a suitable selection too. You can also enjoy the top-selling Fantasi Grape Ice e-liquid at your favourite Swiss vape shop.

For a newcomer to try 10ml e-liquid is a great choice to pick the perfect juice and charge yourself with the 120ml can.

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120ml vape juice from Fantasi Vape Shop is the best choice if you are looking for quality e-liquid for a long party or regular daily use. It captures the perfect features of soft drinks in a more refreshing feel. Selections are plenty, and flavours are in no low supply. Product flavours can be selected, ordered and delivered in 1-3 days close to you. Nicotine lovers are covered in a range of options. A 3mg or 6mg shot of nicotine strength would be perfect. But there is also the nicotine-free shot for those, who love vape tricks and less harm. 

All vape juice in our best Swiss online shop is high quality, branded product. And more…. Fantasi Vape Shop delivers any e-liquid near you, so you won't worry about missing favorite vape time today.

Are you a new user trying out vape juice? Worry no more! We have Vape Starter Kits for new users, or you can pick 10ml e-liquid and decide what fits your needs perfectly. Of course, you won't spend a penny without seeing value for it. The Starter Kits will get you started for that refreshing ice blast of the Fantasi vape. We would love a review once you try the Fantasi Vape Shop e-liquid. Tell us what is your favourite juice, and we can deliver it near you!